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China has in excess of 900 “internet hospitals”

According to a spokesman of China’s National Health and Welfare Commission NHC, “internet hospitals” have increased from about 100 in 2018 to over 900 by the end of 2020. The NHC requires “internet hospitals” to develop an internet platform, integrate online and...

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Shanghai has become a “Double 1000M Broadband City”

Shanghai’s 1000M fixed broadband now reaches 9.6 million households, with an average broadband downlink speed of 50.32Mbps. In addition, over 31000 5G base stations are installed outdoor, and close to 50000 indoors, with up to 800Mbps downlink speed. 1000Mbps or...

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China to put a focus on chip self-reliance

According to the White Paper on Talents in China's Integrated Circuit Industry (2018-2019), there will be a shortfall of 261,000 experts in China's IC industry by 2021. The lack of chip experts is taken as the key bottleneck restricting the development of the IC...

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Electromobility in China: 1 charging pole per 3.1 vehicles

According to a recent communication by the MIIT, China has established 1.42 million charging poles in 42000 charging stations. The ratio of vehicles to charging poles by now is one pole per 3.1 vehicles, which does not meet consumer demands.Japan JST China news,...

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China’s Hualong-1 nuclear reactor wins EUR certification

EUR is the abbreviation for European Utility Requirements for light water reactor nuclear power plants and was made up of 14 major power companies from France, the Czech Republic, Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, Spain, the...

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