CAS and CAE rank top ten S&T achievements in 2023

What breakthroughs were made in the field of science and technology in 2023? The Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering jointly announced recently the top 10 science and technology progress news in China and the world in 2023, as voted by the academy members of the two institutions.

The 10 major Chinese news were ranked as follows

  1. Commercial operation of the world’s first 4th generation nuclear power plant began
  2. Return of the manned spacecraft Shenzhou 16 and completion of the first manned flight in the application and development stage of China’s space station.
  3. 2-D transistor (graphene) that exceeds the limits of silicon is born
  4. Alkali tolerance gene increases crop production
  5. Mars explorer “Tianmen-1” research reveals climate changes on Mars
  6. China’s first 10,000-meter deep earth science well begins drilling
  7. Discovery of Nickel oxide superconductivity at liquid nitrogen temperature
  8. 500-meter Aperture spherical radiotelescope “FAST” detects evidence for the existence of nanohertz gravitational waves
  9. World’s first all-link, all-systems space solar power plant ground verification system goes live
  10. Scientists uncover molecular mechanism of olfactory perception

The World’s 10 biggest science and technology progress news in 2023 were ranked as follows

  1. Scientists create most complete human brain cell map to date
  2. AI successfully generates primitive proteins from scratch for the first time
  3. World’s largest experimental fusion reactor starts operation
  4. OpenAI launches GPT-4
  5. Satellite transmits solar energy to earth for the first time, proving the reliability of energy transfer from space
  6. First human eye implant succeeds
  7. The smallest particle accelerator ever was built
  8. Scientists take X-ray image of a single atom
  9. World’s first insect “whole brain mapping” was completed
  10. First abbreviated diagram of the human pangenome was released
CAS and CAE rank top ten S&T achievements in 2023
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