Wise words at NUST graduation ceremony


On July 3, the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (NUST) held its 2022 graduation ceremony ¬†at Yanqi Lake Campus. 6,493 doctoral students, 6,075 master’s students and 371 undergraduates received their degrees.

At the graduation ceremony, President Li Shushen gave the graduates three words: be a seed, rooted downward and growing upward; be a star, trying to shine and shining hard; be a drop of water, clear and pure, frank and open.

He expressed hopes that the graduates would bear in mind that there should be no bubble in science and technology, and that they should put an end to the wind of pomposity and impetuousness, and should not be in a hurry to get immediate benefits, but should do practical work with the spirit of nail. In the face of the complicated world, he hoped that the students would keep their minds clear, distinguish right from wrong, think rationally, judge calmly, dare to fight and be good at fighting. In the face of hardships and difficulties, he hoped that students would have the courage and boldness to “open the way in every mountain and build bridges in every water”, and the persistence and perseverance to “break the rope and break the stone”. “Personal pursuit, into the national and social development of the blueprint of the times, and strive to paint the extraordinary story of life.” Li Shushen said.

Wise words at NUST graduation ceremony
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