Academic falsification or image misuse

On January 21, Chinese ministry of Science and Technology released their decision on the investigation of suspected falsification of research data. Academician Cao Xuetao was questioned on falsifications of 63 publications. Within a framework of the joint evaluation, “no forgery and plagiarisms were found. But many papers were found to have misused images, reflecting the lax management of the laboratory. Academician Cao is for one year disqualified for applying grant from national science and technology plan projects, as an reviewer in evaluating grants applications and supervising master and PhD students.”

This case was previously reported by Science Magazine in Nov. 2019 entitled with “Top Chinese researcher faces questions about image manipulation”

Many researchers and students were very disappointed about the decision and comment “misuse of images” will be a new excuse for falsifications by big names. “No falsification was found and there was a misuse of pictures, such findings should be expected”

Mobile New Media Platform “Intellectuals” posted a caricature “new call white black” as a no-text comment on this decision.

Academic falsification or image misuse
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