„Smart cities“: safety management supported by drones

With the advent of fast data communication systems such as 5G supported by Beidou’s satellite-based geopositioning, more and more Chinese cities such as Jinzhou, Handan, Jinan, Cangzhou, Yulin and many others are installing safety management systems (SMS) based on drones. SMS drones automatically patrol and inspect urban grounds 365 days a year and in all weather conditions, reduce police action and promote digitalization. SMS drones can be deployed immediately and used over a long time. Typical applications are traffic management, emergency rescue, environmental maintenance, urban planning, and energy patrol and inspection. SMS drones forbear a new era of human-robot collaborative inspection in the large cities.


SMS drones inspecting the safety of power (top) and PV plants (bottom)

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„Smart cities“: safety management supported by drones
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