EUR is the abbreviation for European Utility Requirements for light water reactor nuclear power plants and was made up of 14 major power companies from France, the Czech Republic, Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, Spain, the Netherlands, Russia, Belgium and Turkey. EUR covers more than 5,000 requirements in various fields to ensure the safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants, including safety, economic and environmental requirements. The reactor is designed to withstand earthquakes with an acceleration of up to 0.3 g and is equipped with a double containment to protect against aircraft crashes. To prevent major incidents from escalating, the power plant is equipped with a combination of active and passive mechanisms for heat dissipation, which allow the operating crew to avoid direct intervention for up to 30 minutes and to survive the power plant for up to 3 days (72 h) without outside help.

Achieving EUR certification means that Hualong-1 is in line with European nuclear power plant supervision and management requirements in design, and its technology is sufficiently mature to prepare entry into the European power market.

Japan JST China news, November 11, 2020