Dalian: China’s first medium-speed high-power ammonia-fuelled engine


China’s first medium-speed high-power ammonia-fuelled engine ignited successfully in Dalian, northeast China’s Liaoning Province, marking China’s breakthrough in the related key technologies.

The ammonia-fuelled engine, featuring low carbon, high safety, and good interchangeability, was independently developed and innovated by China’s CRRC Dalian Co., Ltd. (CRRC Dalian) based on its self-developed diesel engine technology.

This environmentally friendly engine can reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent and produce up to 208 kilowatts of power from a single cylinder, with ammonia energy accounting for 85 percent.

It realizes the coordination of the whole industry chain of ammonia-fuelled engine components, complete machines, and application scenarios. Its power level, economic efficiency, emission, technology, and reliability are at the advanced level at home and abroad.

The successful ignition speeds up China’s carbon-free development of engines, said Lin Cunzeng, an official with the CRRC Dalian, adding that in the application field of ammonia-fuelled ships, China’s technical strength is on par with internationally renowned companies.

CRRC Dalian is affiliated with China’s top train manufacturer CRRC Corporation. It develops, produces, and exports diesel, electric locomotives, and urban rail cars.

Dalian: China’s first medium-speed high-power ammonia-fuelled engine
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