China’s PubScholar starts with 190 million documents, PubMed holds 36 million

On Nov. 1, 2023, the National Science Library and the Knowledge Serice Platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has released PubScholar, a public information database modelled after PubMed of the USA.

It operates in Chinese language and aims to build scholarly platform for the public good, to provide high-quality public academic resources for China’s science and technology community and society as a whole and allows for search and discovery of academic resources.

Terms or names can also be entered in English language, but the frame for searches and advanced searches is in Chinese only.

At present, the amount of searchable resources is about 190 million articles, of which full-text resources are about 80 million articles, including journal articles, dissertations, preprints, patent documents, field newsletters, newsletters, scientific data and books and monographs.

For comparison: US-based PubMed, open since 1996, allows access to some 36 million citations.

In terms of functionality, the Public Academic Platform provides six major functions:

  • integrated search and discovery of public academic resources,
  • multi-channel navigation of accessible full-text resources,
  • integration of KDDI’s translation engine,
  • proactive delivery of high-value literature in the field,
  • organization and management of personalized academic resources, and
  • exchange and sharing of open academic resources.

China’s PubScholar starts with 190 million documents, PubMed holds 36 million
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