2023/10 First Belt and Road Science and Technology Conference BRST with attendants from 80 countries in Chongqing



The Press Office of the State Council held a press conference on the afternoon of October 30 to explain the situation related to the first “One Belt and Road” Science and Technology Exchange Conference. According to the conference, China has so far signed intergovernmental science and technology cooperation agreements with more than 80 One Belt and One Road joint construction countries, and together they have established a comprehensive, multi-level science and technology cooperation network. The Science and Technology Daily reported.

Zhang Guangjun, deputy director of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), said, “China has deepened all-round science and technology exchanges with the co-construction countries in terms of jointly promoting human and cultural exchanges. China has supported more than 10,000 young scientists from the jointly constructed countries for short-term activities and exchanges in China. A total of 16,000 scientists and managers have been trained in the co-constructing countries,” he explained.

In terms of jointly improving scientific research capabilities, China has implemented several joint research projects with the co-constructing countries, jointly constructed more than 50 One Belt One Road joint laboratories in several fields such as agriculture, medicine, information, new energy, and basic research, and established 10 overseas science education cooperation centers.

In terms of joint services for improving civilian life, China has co-constructed countries and built several cooperation platforms, including a public health science and technology cooperation center, an agricultural technology model center, a technology model center for fungus plants (large herbaceous plants that can be used as cultivation of edible mushrooms), a sea water aquaculture research center, and a mountain disaster research center The company is supporting the construction of several cooperation platforms, including a model center for mycorrhizal technology (large herbaceous plants that can be used to cultivate edible mushrooms), a research center for sea water aquaculture, and a research center for mountain disasters. At the same time, it has implemented a “small but great” cooperation project to promote increased beneficiaries from scientific and technological achievements.

In terms of joint support for industrial development, China is promoting science and technology park cooperation and multi-sectoral technology practical application demonstration with co-building countries. China has built nine global technology commercialization centers for ASEAN, Arab countries, Africa, and other regions, and together with other countries has established a technology commercialization network that covers a wide range of areas, contributing to the industrial upgrading of each country.

In terms of joint support for the transmission of civilization, China has carried out scientific research cooperation with co-building countries in joint archaeological research and cultural relic protection. It explores the Silk Road’s multifarious and wonderful history, and at the same time demonstrates the harmony of mutual learning of civilizations.

Zhang said, “In the future, China will continue to deepen the implementation of the One Belt, One Road Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan with the co-building countries, gather the strength of cooperation through openness and innovation, explore the development path through joint discussion and joint construction, and promote more open, inclusive, mutually beneficial and shared international science and technology cooperation and exchange together. We look forward to a more open, inclusive, mutually beneficial, and shared international scientific and technological cooperation and exchange together

2023/10 First Belt and Road Science and Technology Conference BRST with attendants from 80 countries in Chongqing
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