2023/05 China reports progress on brain-computer-interface technology (BCI)




China has become a major innovation hub and target market for brain-computer interface (BCI) technology, according to a report released at the recently held Zhongguancun Forum in Beijing. The report showed that advances in fields such as imaging, microelectronics, AI and neuroscience have contributed to the notable progress in the understanding of brain function and interaction as well as emerging business opportunities. According to the report, China accounted for 35 percent of global patent applications for non-implantable acquisition and sensing technology while the patents for Canonical Huffman Coding mainly came from China, the United States, the Republic of Korea and Japan.

BCI holds obvious advantages in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, depression and other diseases.

Some weeks ago, Duan Feng of Nankai University succeeded with an interventional brain-computer interface (BCI) experiment on non-human primate. Through building a BCI to the monkey’s brain, the scientists collected electroencephalography signals which achieved control over a mechanical arm. The experiment did not require a hole in the monkey’s head like Elon Musk’s Neuralink, but used proven neurointerventional technology in the medical field, with relatively high safety.

2023/05 China reports progress on brain-computer-interface technology (BCI)
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