“Future farms” in Zhejiang province


Several provincial-level “future farms” (including farms, fishing grounds, and ranches) have been constructed in Zhejiang Province, China, over the past few years. These farms have applied new communication technology equipment and management principles to systematically optimize and restructure agricultural production management, management models, and distribution systems, and are full of technological style and futurism, playing a leading and model role in terms of improving the overall benefits of agriculture and industrial competitiveness.

One of the first “future farms” built in Huzhou City of the province, Wuxing Oriri Hengxin Aquaculture Professional Cooperative, with an area of over 66.7 hectares of Taihu Lake crab aquaculture, has experienced the convenience of digitalization. Zhang Lihua, the manager of the company, said, “Farmers can now check changes in water quality in real time on their smartphones or tablet PCs without having to go to the site. If there are any abnormalities, the system promptly alerts them and allows them to quickly start up oxygen pumps and other equipment,” he explained.

Song Myung Anji White Tea “Future Farm” in Anji County, Huzhou City, is promoting rural tourism based on the theme of Anji white tea. Large displays show scenes of digitalization applications, such as digital tea fields, digital factories, product traceability, and enterprise management. An official from the Song Myung Anji White Tea “Future Farm” explained, “Here, we are using the power of digitalization to optimize the mechanism of integrating farms, villages, and farmers, increasing orders and employment, and driving and strengthening the integration of industry and rural areas through the “Anji White Tea and Cultural Tourism” integrated model.

At Tianxing Tianxing Pastoral “Future Farm,” located in Lushan Township, Changxing County, Huzhou, workers scan yellow tags attached to the ears of lake sheep to determine their sex, parents, pedigree, and other information at a glance. Changxing Tianxing Pastoral Co. raises up to 50,000 head of lake sheep per year and ships 60,000 head, with an annual output of 150 million yuan (1 yuan = about 19 yen). A digital and automated management system has been established here, including “smart environmental management, video monitoring, accurate feeding, individual management, breeding management, and mobile apps. This digital and automated management system allows one person to manage 3,000 sheep, greatly improving breeding efficiency and lowering labor costs,” said Masasheng Wen, manager of the “Future Farm” project at Tianxia Pastoral Industry.

“Future farms” in Zhejiang province
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