First Immersion-type liquid-cooled energy storage power station starts operation in Meizhou, Guangdong Province

Nanfang Grid Meizhou Baohu Storage Power Plant, the world’s first submerged liquid-cooled power storage power plant, has officially started operation. The scale of the power plant is 70 MW/140 MWh, and when calculated as 1.75 charge/discharge cycles per day, it is possible to generate nearly 81 million kWh of power per year, which is the daily power consumption of 3.5 million households at peak power consumption.

Electricity storage power plants, which are equivalent to urban “mobile batteries”, generate electricity using renewable energy such as wind and solar power during off-peak hours, and charge the batteries. Discharging during peak hours plays a role of peak cut and peak shift, increasing the utilization capacity of new energy. Since batteries continuously generate heat during operation, cooling is an important factor affecting the safety of storage power plants.

Nanfang Grid Storage Company is immersing the battery in the cooling liquid to achieve direct, speedy and sufficient cooling of the battery, allowing the battery to operate within the optimum temperature range. This effectively extends battery life and enhances the safety of storage power plants. Wang Zhiqiang, a leader-level technical expert at Nanfang Grid Company and chairman of Nanfang Energy Storage Technology Company, said, “The successful development of the immersion liquid cooling battery energy storage system has realized a generational change in electrochemical energy storage safety technology. The heat dissipation efficiency of the battery is Meizhou Baohu Storage Power Plant has a capacity of 5.2 MWh for each submerged liquid-cooled battery room, keeping temperature rise within 5℃ during battery operation and temperature difference between batteries within 2℃. We can keep it down,” he said.

The Meizhou Baohu Power Storage Power Plant is a new-type power storage demonstration project in Guangdong Province, and is also the largest grid-side independent power storage power plant built in southern China. By the end of 2022, the installed capacity of China’s new energy storage projects will reach 8.7 million kW. By the end of 2025, installed capacity is expected to exceed 30 million kW, with an average annual growth rate of over 50%.

First Immersion-type liquid-cooled energy storage power station starts operation in Meizhou, Guangdong Province
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