China’s top 10 S&T innovations in 2022

According to the CAS, the top 10 innovations were

01 China’s sky eye FAST made a series of important progress

02 Chinese space station completes in-orbit construction and makes a series of significant progress

03 Scientists in China discovered key genes for corn and rice yield increase

04 Scientists discover and confirm bosonic exotic metals for the first time

05 Our scientists artificially synthesize carbon dioxide into glucose and fatty acids

06 China’s largest solid launch vehicle with the largest capacity to date, “Force Arrow 1”, successfully made its maiden flight

07 “KuaFu 1” was successfully launched and the first scientific images were released

08 New technology for in situ electrolysis of hydrogen in seawater

09 National Major Science and Technology Infrastructure “Steady State Strong Magnetic Field Experimental Device” Achieves Major Breakthrough

10 “Summit Mission” Everest scientific research set a number of new records


As the top the news from S&T progress in the Western world are considered

01 First complete human genome sequence published

02 Significant progress was made in the study of the artificial heart

03 First photos of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way come out

04 First human orbit change of an asteroid

05 U.S. achieves first “net energy gain” in nuclear fusion reaction

06 James Webb Space Telescope successfully enters orbit, sending back first photos

07 World’s first 10-billionth supercomputer breaks speed record

08 Porcine protein corneas give people back their sight

09 Artificial Intelligence Accelerates “Original” New Protein Design

10 Scientists find the clearest evidence for the existence of the “four-neutron” state

China’s top 10 S&T innovations in 2022
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