Smart multi-level EV charging and parking system in Wuhan

The first smart recharging multi-level parking system in China built by Guonet Wuhan Electric Power Supply Company started trial operation.

The charging multi-level parking covers an area of 1,100 square meters and is divided into a ground charging parking space, elevated horizontal charging parking space, and horizontally moving charging parking space. Among them, there are 44 spaces with 60 kW DC fast charging and 168 spaces with 7 kW AC slow charging. The charging multi-level parking lot also has EV battery exchange stations with a total of 40 batteries, which can be exchanged up to 480 times per day.

The charging multi-level parking system moves the charging cable along with the car being charged as it moves within the parking lot, thus ensuring safety and realizing highly efficient charging in the multi-level parking lot. Compared to a conventional ground-level charging station with 212 parking spaces, the land utilization rate of a multi-level parking lot is five times that of a conventional ground-level charging station.

When a user charges at a multi-level parking lot, the electricity and service fee per kWh is about 0.9-1 yuan (100 yuan is about 13,6 €), and a 40 kWh small EV, for example, can be fully charged in 40 minutes using a DC fast charging pole at a cost of about 40 ¥ (5.5 €), 70% cheaper than a conventional gasoline car.

This is China’s first smart mechanized multi-level parking lot with DC fast charging capability, the smallest site area and the largest charging complex with the most charging parking spaces in all of China, and the first micro-grid charging system in all of China that is linked and mutually complementary with the power grid.

Smart multi-level EV charging and parking system in Wuhan
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