China advances in digital technologies

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies MIIT, China makes significant advances in key areas of digital technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, the industrial internet, big data and blockchain.

Thus, by the end of July 2022, some 1.97 million 5G base stations, all prefecture-level cities, counties and 96 percent of towns were equipped with 5G network coverage, and the number of 5G mobile users in China had reached 475 million.

China has entered a crucial period for 5G commercialization, with the superfast wireless technology being applied to 40 of the 97 major economic categories, and large-scale application expanded to mines and ports.

5G technology is being applied in a wide range of industries and scenarios, including video conferencing, online medical consultations, remote education, short videos, livestreaming events and games.

China is committed to promoting the application of 5G technology in the industrial internet.To date, there are 150 large-scale industrial internet platforms, which are connected to more than 79 million units of industrial equipment.

Self-reliance in core technologies and key fields is considered crucial to ensure independent and controllable industrial and supply chains. China is boosting advances in technologies, but it is still reliant on developed countries for key and core technologies such as high-end chips, aircraft engines, core robotic components and premium medical equipment.

China advances in digital technologies
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