China launches new 2,000 t wind power generation platform

A new-generation 2,000-ton class offshore wind power generation platform, the “White Crane and Sea” 白鶴灘 was was launched on September 28.

The “White Crane and Sea” lifting capacity is 2000 tons, working depth is 70 meters, variable load is 6500 tons, and deck area is 4200 square meters.  The vessel is 126 meters long, 50 meters wide, and 10 meters deep, and has the capacity to install offshore wind turbines of 10 MW or more to meet the demand for deep-sea and far-sea integrated wind power installation work.

The vessel’s DP-2 class automatic positioning system automatically maintains the vessel’s position and bow direction in the event of component disconnection or single system failure. The vessel also adopts an all-electric power-driven, all-rotating helm oar propulsion system, which enables low-carbon, green, and environmentally friendly operations.

It will be mainly used for operations in the waters of Guangdong and Fujian provinces. It will further enhance the construction and installation capacity of large offshore wind turbines in China’s deep and distant seas, and provide strong support for the large-scale development of deep and distant wind power projects in the future.


China launches new 2,000 t wind power generation platform
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