High-level S&T meeting between China and Japan on zero CO2 emissions

The “2021-22 China-Japan High-Level Researchers Exchange Meeting (Decarbonization and Growth),” jointly organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and Tsinghua University, took place on September 21 in Beijing. Nearly 30 researchers and business representatives from China and Japan participated in the activity, which focused on “virtually zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions,” with nearly 10,000 people participating online.
Science and technology innovation cooperation is considered an important component of China-Japan relations. The two countries have complementary advantages and great potential for cooperation. The governments of China and Japan have both decided on carbon neutrality goals and are promoting a substantial model shift to a low-carbon society.

The forum set up three sub-forums on “Zero Emissions in the Transportation Sector,” “Building a Decarbonized Society,” and “Roadmap for Urban and Rural Development and Zero Emissions in the Transportation Sector”.

To date, the “China-Japan High-Level Researchers Exchange Forum” has been held in eight areas: disaster prevention and mitigation, smart manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, brain science, marine environment, public health, low-carbon living, and energy model transformation. It has become a stage for the opening and exchange of top-level Chinese and Japanese researchers, and has promoted future cooperation between Chinese and Japanese research institutions.

High-level S&T meeting between China and Japan on zero CO2 emissions
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