CAS launches AI initiative for biodiversity conservation


The CAS Institute of Automation, the Beijing Representative Office of the World Society for the Protection of Animals, the International Governance Institute of Artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University, and the Artificial Intelligence Governance Research Center ¬†jointly launched the “Principles of Artificial Intelligence for Biodiversity Conservation” initiative in Beijing.¬†At the conference, nine principles of AI for biodiversity conservation were announced:

  1. promoting ecological prosperity,
  2. humane and sustainable development,
  3. avoiding harm,
  4. regulation and protection,
  5. safety and control,
  6. responsibility,
  7. legal compliance,
  8. education and training, and
  9. cooperation

“To achieve real sustainable development in the future technology-enabled society, we need to move from anthropocentrism to ecocentrism, where humans and other creatures are ordinary inhabitants of this planet, and are closely related communities of life. This is the original intention and purpose of our advocacy of AI empowerment for biodiversity conservation.”

The CAS Institute of Automation released the “Symbiosis Map”, a network application based on artificial intelligence technology that automatically describes the relationship between humans and various animals and plants, in order to promote the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

Huawei introduced how to promote 5G, optical network, cloud, artificial intelligence and other technologies with partners to help protect the environment and biodiversity.

CAS launches AI initiative for biodiversity conservation
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