Digital human “De Xiaoxiao” launched by Baidu scores high on college entrance exam

On the first day of the unified entrance examination for Chinese universities, “De Xiaoxiao,” a digital human launched by Baidu, drew attention by writing an essay question for the university entrance examination.
Mr. Shen Yi, who has served as the head of the scoring team for the Japanese language section of the university entrance examination in Beijing, said, “Xiaoxiao Dou’s essay can be evaluated at around 48 points on a 60-point scale. Looking at the situation in previous years, less than 25% of the students who took the exam scored 48 points or higher on the essay,” he said.
With the support of Baidu Wenxin, De Xiaoxiao produced more than 40 sentences based on the theme of the essay in only 40 seconds.
Xiao Yang, Vice President of Baidu Group, said, “Long sentences such as college entrance exam essays are a great challenge for AI (Artificial Intelligence). Xiaoxiao Degree’s essay is just one test for AI’s ability, but it verifies that technology is no longer a shortcoming in AI content creation.
Tech companies such as Baidu, Shangyu, and Tech Data, among others, have continued to move in the digital human industry; digital humans with AI as a core capability have thereby made essential improvements in both technology and efficiency.
A market has already formed in the digital human field, which is currently the hottest competitive field in the metaverse industry. According to data from the “Virtual Human Industry Research Report 2022” released by the Beijing Vice City Applied Scene Industry Federation and the Fast Track Metaverse Research Institute on June 6, China’s digital human (virtual human) related companies will surpass 400,000 by 2025, and the overall market size of digital human will reach 309.5 billion yuan (1 yuan is approximately 20.0 yen) in 2030.

Digital human “De Xiaoxiao” launched by Baidu scores high on college entrance exam
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