29-12 ALIBABA’s vision on 2022 Top Technology Trends

On December 29, Alibaba’s research institute DAMO published its vision on the top ten technology trends for 2022:

1: AI for Science

AI will become a new production tool for scientists and create a new paradigm for scientific research.

2: Large and small model parameters evolve through collaboration

Large and small model parameters will evolve in collaboration with the cloud, edge, and terminals.

3: Silicon Photonics Chip

Photoelectric fusion modules based on silicon photonics technology combine the advantages of photons and electrons, and will break the limits of Moore’s law.

4: Green Energy AI

AI supports large-scale recovery processes of green energy and realizes a power system in which multiple energies complement each other.

5: Flexible sensor robots

Robots will be equipped with sensors that are flexible and close to human senses, and will be able to adapt to and perform multiple types of missions.

6: High-precision medical navigation

AI and personalised medicine will be deeply integrated to support the improvement of accuracy and efficiency of medical care.

7: Computing to protect privacy across the board

Computing software solving both data and privacy protection is moving toward global data protection.

8: Satellite vs Ground Computing

Communication and computing that integrates satellites and ground stations will promote full digitalization from the sky to the seas.

9. Fusion of clouds, networks and terminals

The fusion of clouds, networks and terminals will form a new computing system and promote the birth of “new species” in the cloud.

10: XR Internet

Cross-reality (XR) goggles will become an important cross-interface and will drive the development of the next-generation Internet.


29-12 ALIBABA’s vision on 2022 Top Technology Trends
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