25-9 China issues long-term guideline on IP

China’s State Council and the CPC recently issued a guideline on building up its intellectual property (IP) strength between 2021 and 2035.

By 2035, China’s overall IP competitiveness will be at the forefront of the world as a world-class IP powerhouse with Chinese characteristics on six aspects:

  1. China will build a comprehensive, well-structured, IP legal system and accelerate IP legislation in new fields and business forms such as big data, AI and genetic technology,

2. China will build an IP protection system that is strict, fair, open and transparent and that can sustain a world-class business environment,

3. China will establish an IP market operation mechanism that encourages innovation by cultivating patent-intensive industries and promoting the construction of trademarks and brands,

4. the country will build an IPR public service system that is convenient and beneficial to the public,

5. China will foster a cultural and social environment that helps promote high-quality IP development. It will strive to create a cultural atmosphere of respecting knowledge, valuing innovation, upholding integrity and observance of the law, and encouraging fair competition, while training of IP talents with a global vision,

6. China will deepen its participation in global IP governance, actively participate in its reform and construction, deepen pragmatic cooperation with countries and regions participating in the Belt and Road Initiative on IPR, and create high-level cooperation platforms. 

People’s Daily, September 25, 2021

25-9 China issues long-term guideline on IP
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