According to the “2020 National Renewable Energy Power Development Monitoring Evaluation Report” released by the National Energy Bureau (Energy Bureau), the actual consumption of renewable energy power nationwide in 2020 was 2,161.3 billion kWh. The share of electricity consumption in society as a whole increased by 1.3 points from the previous year to 28.8%. The consumption of non-hydroelectric renewable energy power nationwide was 856.2 billion kWh, which accounted for 11.4% of the total power consumption of society. China’s non-fossil energy accounted for 15.9% of primary energy consumption, reaching the world average level. The share of coal consumption has dropped to 56.8%. China is strongly promoting a green and low-carbon model conversion of energy. It strongly supports the acceleration of the decline in carbon dioxide emission intensity. The carbon emission intensity in 20 years was 48.4% lower than in 2005.

Japan JST China news, July 8, 2021