“I’ve been addicted to literature and art since I was ‘born’,” said Hua in her first vlog post on Weibo. Hua Zhibing’s appearance, voice and background music in the vlog, as well as her paintings, were all developed on a record-breaking AI modeling system named Wudao 2.0. Wudao 2.0 was unveiled at the 2021 Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) Conference on June 1. WuDao 2.0 uses 1.75 trillion parameters to simulate conversational speech, write poems and understand pictures, breaking the previous record of 1.6 trillion parameters set by Google’s Switch Transformer. “I became interested in my birth,” said Hua Zhibing in her vlog. “How was I born? Can I understand myself?“ The virtual student said she would study under the tutelage of Tang and has been racing against time to learn and improve every day in areas such as her logical reasoning abilities. According to Tang, his virtual student will grow and learn faster than an average actual person. If she begins learning at the level of a six-year-old this year, she will be at the level of a twelve-year-old in a year’s time. Hua Zhibing cannot completely study and live like ordinary students at this time, and she also will not experience emotional issues. It is expected that she will master skills first and then seek breakthroughs in reasoning and emotional interaction.

Xinhua news release, June 6, 2021

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