31-5 China establishes BRICS Vaccine R&D Center

Sinovac Life Sciences has established the China Center for BRICS Vaccine R&D. The center will promote joint development and testing of vaccines from the five BRICS countries, cooperation in plant construction, out-licensed production, and mutual certification of standards.

According to Sinovac, the company has supplied 540 million doses of the inactivated vaccine “CoronaVac” to about 40 countries and regions in China and the world, accounting for about a quarter of the world’s supply, and the cumulative number of vaccinations is close to 400 million.

The BRICS Vaccine R&D China Center will cooperate with BRICS and other countries, universities, scientific research institutes, health and disease related organizations, and industries to monitor changes in disease epidemics and virus mutations, promote vaccine research and industrialization, and explore vaccine application strategies.

Japan JST China news, May 31, 2021

31-5 China establishes BRICS Vaccine R&D Center
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