Nanjing Agricultural University succeeded to breed pigs of different genders using a somatic cell mixed cloning technology.From a total of four pigs, one male and one female, somatic cells of the ear tissue were cultured and stored. From the oocytes of a female pig, the cell nuclei were removed by microscopic surgery, cultured in vitro, and somatic cells of two different genders were injected. Finally, the reconstructed embryos were transplanted into the oviduct of surrogate mothers, in total more than 1,000 embryos. 3 out of 5 female pigs gave birth to 14 sows piglets, of different genders, the heaviest was 1.5 kg and the lightest 0.335 kg. According to associate professor HOU Reimei, this is the first time in China that a female cloned piglet has been born.

Japan JST China news, May 10, 2021

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