Sinopec, China’s largest supplier of petroleum products, has announced to build 1000 hydrogen gas stations until 2025. At present, Sinopec builds Chongqing’s first hydrogen station and aims to build 30 more hydrogen stations there alone. Sinopec aims to become an integrated energy service provider for petroleum products, natural gas, hydrogen fuel, battery charging and replacement, and non-petroleum products. To this end, it will promote the construction of the entire hydrogen energy industrial chain, including capital operation, technology research and development, production, storage and transportation, sales offices, and private sector cooperation. At present, progress has already been made in hydrogen stations, hydrogen production technology, hydrogen fuel cells, and hydrogen storage materials.

Sinopec’s annual production capacity of hydrogen gas currently exceeds 3.5 million tons, accounting for about 14% of the national production.

Science and Technology News, April 16, 2021