According to a recently published paper, researchers, have for the first time clearly observed continuous fluorescent lines migrating along the meridian points of the human body, providing strong evidence for the existence of meridians in Chinese medicine.

An important basis for Western medicine to deny the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has always been the “inability to prove the existence of meridians” at the anatomical level. According to the corresponding author, Dr. Tang “We injected two fluorescent dyes—fluorescein sodium and indocyanine green (ICG)—into the dermal layer both at acupuncture points (PC5, PC6, and PC7) and a nonacupoint control.” Laser excitation photographs of sodium fluorescein were taken over the following hours to obtain the migration trajectory of the fluorescein in vivo. The results showed that the trajectories generally developed along the adjacent acupuncture points of the pericardium meridian, from Neiguan, to Interdigit, to Quchi completely overlapping with the pericardium meridian acupuncture points, forming a stable meridian line with high repeatability (79%).

Figure 2 from the article shows the examples of the variations in fluorescein migratory paths. Variations in fluorescein migratory paths.