According to MEI Xurong, vice president of the CAAS, dryland agriculture provides 43 % of the country’s grain and more than 75 percent of beef and mutton supply. More than 40 % of the wheat grown in China is drought-resistant and water-efficient, reducing the water consumption for agriculture. China has introduced and cultivated more than 70 drought-resistant and high-yield varieties of crops. Agricultural facilities for intelligent irrigation and fertilization, use of biodegradable plastic films and soil preparation machines were also developed. For “145”, key technologies for water saving will be developed, including integrated management of water and fertilizers and agricultural ecosystem reconstruction. Innovative agricultural materials and devices such as drought-resistant agents will also be developed, and the CAAS will promote the application of the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and artificial intelligence to advance dryland agriculture.

Xinhua news release, January 28, 2021