According to Beijing’s disease prevention and management authorities, the current annual production capacity for a vaccine based in inactivated virus has already reached 1 billion doses. Currently, 18 companies are constructing additional production capacity for the new coronavirus vaccine.

Beijing’s current vaccination policy is based on a “two-step” plan. In the first step, priority subjects are inoculated. This includes people in high-risk occupations such as cold chains, customs quarantine, ship leaders, air crews, fresh food markets, public transport, medical disease prevention and management, and people exposed to medium- and high-risk during business trips and learning. More vaccines will be used with conditional marketing approval of vaccines and increased vaccine production. 

The recommended protocol is a total of two vaccinations within an interval of 14 days or more. According to the WHO, the effect of the vaccine lasts for more than half a year. Other vaccinations should not be done within 14 days, for safety reasons.

According to the disease prevention and management authorities, the protective effect of the vaccine is currently less than 100%. At this stage, the immunity barrier has not yet been built, so personal protective measures such as wearing masks, diligent hand washing, window ventilation, and ensuring social distance are required even after vaccination.

Japan JST China news, January 6, 2021