In Fujian’s smart kindergarten, AI takes charge of morning inspections

In Fujian’s Fuzhou City Beilai Kindergarten, two secure entry/exit devices equipped with face recognition technology are installed at the entrance to the school and automatically verify the identity of the parents. This ensures safe and well-timed pick-up and drop-off of children.

As strict demands on infection control are imposed on kindergartens, two artificial intelligence (AI) robots greet the children and perform a series of tests, such as the child’s height, weight, temperature, and the presence of any hand, foot, or mouth diseases, transmitting relevant data to the smart kindergarten management system. This system provides information at a glance, including records of children’s arrival and departure from school, morning inspection records, and exercise records. The system also uses big data analysis to compile reports on the basis of kindergarten management policy decisions, as well as analysis of all children’s movement, health, behavior and interests.

All classrooms are also equipped with smart disinfection systems, which automatically disinfect at night to create a safe and comfortable environment for the children.

The Kindergarten’s Director comments: “The launch of the smart kindergarten management system will greatly reduce the workload of staff and make kindergarten management smarter and safer. It will also provide a more scientific decision-making basis for kindergarten management. Teachers will be freed from busy office management and can focus more on caring for the physical and mental health of the children and provide a more personalized education.

Xinhuanet, October 10, 2020

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In Fujian’s smart kindergarten, AI takes charge of morning inspections
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