Gene therapy companies in China

According to a survey of China S&T Network Publisher, the following Chinese startups deserve observation:

  1. EdiGene 博雅辑因,

Founded in 2015, EdiGene is based in Beijing and has branches in Guangzhou and Cambridge, USA. The company has accumulated more than a dozen patented technologies around gene editing, T cell and stem cell processes, and high-throughput genetic screening. Its technology platform includes gene editing and treatment of T-cells and hematopoetic stem cells.

  1. OrienGene Biotechnology奥源和力生物

Founded in 2005, Beijings OrienGene Biotechnology Co. is committed to the development of innovative drugs for gene therapy using herpes simplex virus as a carrier. OrienX010, a new gene therapy drug developed with independent IP, is a recombinant attenuated type I Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) oncolytic vector for malignant solid tumors, and Phase I clinical trials for the treatment of malignant tumors were completed. The company offers technical services for pharmaceutical companies and research institutes while developing effective gene therapy drugs for tumors, genetic diseases, immune systems and nervous system diseases.

  1. Xiyuan Biotechnology希元生物,

Xiyuan Bio was founded in 2005 by CAS Academician LIU Xinyu. He is also director of Zhejiang University of Technology‘s Gene Therapy Research Center. The company’s “Cancer Targeting Gene-Viro-Therapy (CTGVT)” strategy has added anti-cancer genes to oncolytic viruses, and its anticancer effect has increased by 10 to 100 times. Later, the “double gene CTGVT-DG” strategy completely eliminated transplanted tumors. The company has successfully carried out preclinical research on the anticancer drug “recombinant human tumor targeting gene-virus (ZD55-IL-24) injection”.

  1. Sibiono赛百诺,

SiBiono’s self-developed product recombinant Adp53 adenovirus injection (now Gengdic) was awarded a new drug certificate by CFDA as early as 2003. The company uses adenovirus vectors and studies intravenous recombinant human P53 Adenovirus injection (ivAd-p53) and “Double Gene Recombinant Oncolytic Adenovirus Injection” (SBN-3).

  1. Chengdu Jinweike Biological 成都金唯科生物

Established in 2017 by the State Key Laboratory of Biotherapy of Sichuan University and Xinshang Group. The current director is CAS academician and former vice president of Sichuan University, Professor WEI Yuquan. No details on technology were provided.

China S&T Network Publisher, August 22, 2018

Gene therapy companies in China
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