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China presents driving platform of 620 km/h MAGLEV train

At an opening ceremony at the State Key Laboratory of Traction Power at Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdo, it was disclosed that the high-temperature superconducting magnetic levitation technology has self-suspension, self-guidance and self-stability...

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Beijing subway explores smart disinfection robot

Beijing subway BJMTR Co presently explores a robot. which disinfects in the closed interior by spraying hydrogen peroxide. This procedure is claimed to disinfect even small gaps that are out of reach of humans. It can remove viruses and bacteria more effectively than...

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5G driverless tractor made in Luoyang

The 5G driverless tractor Dongfanghong 东方红(”The East is red”) was constructed in Luoyang in 2020. Its innovation include self-driving, 5G technology, and lithium batteries. Another innovation is its in-wheel motor technology, which allows each wheel to independently...

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China pioneers quantum communication network over 4,600 km

Led by PAN Jianwei from the CAS University of Science and Technology, an integrated quantum network was set up that combines 700 fiber and two ground-to-satellite links and realized quantum key distribution (QKD) between more than 150 users over a combined distance of...

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